Versatile And Adaptable: The Salsa Blackborow Adventure Fat Bike

Are you ready to embark on off-the-grid adventures with a bike that can handle any terrain and carry all your gear? Look no further than the Salsa Blackborow Adventure Fat Bike.

With a hauling capacity of up to 420 lbs and multiple wheel and tire options, this versatile and adaptable bike is designed for freedom and exploration.

Whether you’re grocery getting or bike touring, the Blackborow’s lightweight design and performance-driven features will make your journey unforgettable.

Get ready to experience the ultimate sense of freedom with the Salsa Blackborow Adventure Fat Bike.

Key Takeaways

  • The Salsa Blackborow is a versatile and adaptable cargo fat bike, suitable for various purposes and terrains.
  • It offers versatility in wheel and tire combos, with options to customize the bike to specific needs.
  • The bike has a high hauling capacity, with the ability to carry up to 420 lbs of rider and cargo weight.
  • The SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain and other components provide excellent performance and endurance, making it suitable for off-road expeditions and rough terrains.




You’ll appreciate the features of the Salsa Blackborow. It offers versatile wheel and tire options, hauling capacity, and a SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain.

The Blackborow provides various wheel and tire combinations, allowing you to adapt the bike to your specific needs. Whether you choose 27.5-inch wheels with 3.8 tires, 26-inch wheels with 4.33 tires, or even 29-inch wheels with 3.0 tires, the Blackborow provides versatility in different terrains.

In terms of hauling capacity, the Blackborow is capable of carrying up to 420 lbs. It has a rear rack that can fit 4 full-sized panniers and carry up to 110 pounds of cargo. This makes it ideal for those who need to transport heavy loads or go on long-distance trips with all their gear.

The SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain ensures a smooth and efficient ride. It allows for quick and precise shifting, so you can easily tackle any terrain or incline. This drivetrain is known for its durability and reliability, making it perfect for off-road adventures.

In addition to its functional features, the Blackborow is built with a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork. This combination provides excellent performance and endurance, allowing you to ride comfortably for long periods without feeling fatigued.

Overall, the Blackborow is a versatile and adaptable fat bike. It’s suitable for various purposes and terrains, whether you’re looking to go on an off-road adventure or simply need a reliable bike for daily commuting.

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Wheel and Tire Options

Consider upgrading to 4.0 tires on the stock wheels for even more traction and stability on rough terrain.

The Salsa Blackborow offers versatility in wheel and tire combos, allowing you to customize your ride to suit your needs.

With the stock build, you get 27.5-inch wheels with 3.8 tires, but you have the option to bump up to 4.0 tires on the same wheels.

If you prefer a smaller wheel size, you can drop down to 26-inch wheels with 4.33 tires.

On the other hand, if you want a larger wheel size, you can upsize to 29-inch wheels with 3.0 tires.

The tire size selection is important as it affects your bike’s performance on different terrains.

Smaller wheels provide better maneuverability, while larger wheels offer improved rollover and stability.

Choose the wheel and tire combo that suits your riding style and adventure needs.

Hauling Capacity

With its rear rack capable of fitting 4 full-sized panniers and carrying up to 110 pounds of cargo, the Salsa Blackborow allows you to haul a significant amount of gear for your adventures. Whether you’re embarking on a bikepacking trip or simply need to carry groceries, the Blackborow’s hauling capacity is impressive. But its versatility doesn’t stop there. The bike also offers additional gear attachment options, including eyelet bosses on the frame and multiple mounts for water bottles and extra gear. This means you can easily attach accessories such as bags and racks to carry even more gear. To help you visualize the Blackborow’s hauling capacity, here’s a table showcasing the amount of cargo you can carry on the rear rack:

Cargo TypeWeight
Panniers110 lbs
Frame GearVaries
Water BottlesVaries
Additional GearVaries

The Blackborow’s rear rack is a game-changer when it comes to carrying everything you need for your next adventure.

Drivetrain and Brakes

The SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain and Hayes MX Comp mechanical disc brakes provide you with reliable performance and control during your off-the-grid adventures.

The SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain offers a wide range of gears, allowing you to conquer any terrain with ease. Whether you’re climbing steep hills or cruising down fast descents, this drivetrain delivers smooth and precise shifts.

The Hayes MX Comp mechanical disc brakes give you the stopping power you need to confidently navigate any trail. With their responsive and reliable performance, you can trust that your braking will be consistent and efficient. Plus, the mechanical design ensures easy maintenance and adjustment, so you can keep them in top condition wherever your adventures take you.

Experience the freedom to explore with the Salsa Blackborow and its exceptional drivetrain performance and brake options.

Size and Maneuverability

Experience the lightweight and compact design of the Salsa Blackborow. This bike provides maneuverability and versatility for various purposes and terrains. The Blackborow is a mid-tail cargo fat bike that offers a size and wheelbase allowing for easier handling and maneuvering compared to longer cargo bikes. Its lighter frame and more compact build make it a perfect choice for off-road adventures and exploring rough terrains.

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While it may not have as much hauling capacity as longer cargo bikes, it still offers ample space for carrying up to 185 pounds of gear. With its off-road performance capabilities, you can confidently tackle any trail or path with ease. Whether you’re grocery getting or embarking on a bike tour, the Salsa Blackborow will provide the versatility and freedom you desire.

Customization Options

Take advantage of the customization options available for the Salsa Blackborow, allowing you to personalize your bike with various bags, gear attachments, and water bottle cages. This versatile fat bike offers multiple mounts for attaching Salsas Anything Cage and additional water bottle cages, giving you the freedom to carry all the gear you need for your adventures.

The frame also has four water bottle cage mount locations, providing even more options for hydration on the go. However, keep in mind that custom bags and gear attachments may cover up some of these mount locations.

In terms of performance and endurance, the Salsa Blackborow boasts a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork, making it capable of handling rough terrains and off-road expeditions. It has been used by Salsa-sponsored athlete Jay Petervary for setting course records, and it can be loaded with up to 185 pounds of gear.

With tubeless ready wheels and tires, this bike is ready to take on any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Salsa Blackborow handle snowy or icy conditions?

The Salsa Blackborow is a capable bike for snowy and icy conditions. Its wide tires provide excellent traction, and adding studded tires can further enhance performance. Accessories like fenders and lights are great additions for winter riding.

Is the Salsa Blackborow suitable for long-distance touring?

The Salsa Blackborow is suitable for long-distance touring, offering pros like its lightweight design and versatility. However, cons include the need for additional components and potential coverage of water bottle cage mount locations. To prepare, consider adding a heavy-duty kickstand and customizing with bags and gear attachments.

What is the maximum tire width that can be used on the Salsa Blackborow?

The Salsa Blackborow can accommodate various tire sizes, providing maximum tire width compatibility. You have the option to use 3.8-inch tires on 27.5-inch wheels, 4.0-inch tires on stock wheels, or even 4.33-inch tires on 26-inch wheels.

Can the Salsa Blackborow be used for bikepacking?

Yes, the Salsa Blackborow can be used for bikepacking. Its off-road capabilities and versatility make it a great choice for adventurous riders. The bike offers a lightweight frame, multiple gear attachments, and the ability to handle rough terrains, allowing you to explore new trails and carry all your gear with ease.

Does the Salsa Blackborow come with fenders or are they sold separately?

No, fenders are not included with the Salsa Blackborow. However, there are fender options available for the bike. You can purchase fenders separately to protect yourself and your bike from dirt and water while riding.